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Have you been frustrated with slow month-end reporting or increasing inefficiencies within processes?

EZ Cloud’s solution offers a practical, convenient, cost-effective solution that offers the real-time ability to mitigate bottlenecks and access reports that are ready and complete with invoice information. With EZ Cloud’s integrated dashboards, you can see what is happening rather than what has happened.

With EZ Cloud, your team will have the tools to streamline processes essential to modern businesses.

A Solution Built For Your Priorities

In EZ Cloud’s Talking Heads series, CEO Andrew Blackman discusses the implications of manual invoice processing for Financial Controllers and CFOs, including:

  1. Lack of visibility
  2. Backlogs
  3. Temporary staffing
  4. Inaccuracies with manual data entry

After watching the demo, I immediately knew how EZ Cloud would support our team’s success and scalability. EZ Cloud does exactly what we need and more.

Ekaterina Blake, CEO Inspohub

ERP Integrations

EZ Cloud’s accounts payable solution is easy to integrate into daily operations for professionals interested in increasing efficiency and improving cash flow while eliminating human error. As a cloud-based AP automation solution, our innovative solution pairs perfectly with Oracle ERPs, including Oracle Cloud, Oracle NetSuite, and Oracle PeopleSoft, to name a few.


EZ Cloud Supports Your Team’s Priorities

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