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Has your AP team experienced delays from chasing down approvals, causing payment delays or an influx of supplier inquiries? Looking for a solution to make processes easier that’s also tailored to your department’s needs?

EZ Cloud can help. Access to the latest technology enhances accounts payable processing tasks, making these duties simple, straightforward, and stress-free.

With EZ Cloud’s solution, bottlenecks can easily be identified, and AP productivity can be monitored. In addition, while it takes time to collect data, build reports, and spreadsheets to share with C-Suite management, EZ Cloud can generate customizable reports with ease, using real-time data and analytics. Instead of learning new techniques to save time and energy while cutting costs, relying on EZ Cloud provides the traceability and transparency the team would want and need to have when working on invoices.

A solution built for your priorities


Complete Visibility

With EZ Cloud, users can easily find and mitigate bottlenecks while owning the entire end-to-end P2P process with ease. Follow the invoice journey from data capture, to user communications, to real-time reporting and analytics.


Real Time Reporting

With EZ Cloud’s integrated dashboards, maintain AP metrics & recommend and implement process improvements to increase efficiency and accuracy. Access all valuable information needed to collaborate cohesively.

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Easy to Use

EZ Cloud offers a practical, intuitive solution for AP teams, approvers, and management. To support optimal use, receive initial and ongoing training to ensure your AP team’s success.

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How will my AP team’s responsibilities shift?

For AP clerks, day-to-day responsibilities become less focused on manual entry tasks and more on business-critical matters, such as resolving exceptions, streamlining communications that lead to faster approvals, and improving supplier relationships.
As an AP manager, AP automation helps to boost productivity rates, complete more tasks in less time, and ensure the accuracy of invoices without concerns over human error.
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After watching the demo, I immediately knew how EZ Cloud would support our team’s success and scalability. EZ Cloud does exactly what we need and more.

Ekaterina Blake, CEO Inspohub

ERP Integrations

EZ Cloud’s accounts payable solution is easy to integrate into daily operations for professionals interested in increasing efficiency and improving cash flow while eliminating human error. As a cloud-based AP automation solution, our innovative solution pairs perfectly with Oracle ERPs, including Oracle Cloud, Oracle NetSuite, and Oracle PeopleSoft, to name a few.


You may be wondering…

As a cloud-based solution, you can access EZ Cloud from anywhere, on any device, at any time of day.

Based on customized workflows, EZ Cloud offers the ability to notify approvers via the solution through push notifications and automated emails.

We designed EZ Cloud with a focus on easy, remote implementation to get your process up and running quickly. On average, most of our clients requiring customizations can be up and running within three weeks.

Of course! With each business we work with, we offer inclusive customer service support to our customers and their suppliers. We offer initial training during implementation as well as ongoing training and support throughout. We are here to help your team be successful.

Customers have the power to set and manage who is authorized to approve invoices through EZ Cloud for complete control.

Suppliers can upload invoices and view their own invoice approvals through the EZ Cloud supplier portal or mobile app. The portal offers similar features to the subscriber portal and can also be used as a way to centralize supplier communication.

EZ Cloud Supports Your Team’s Priorities

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