Streamline Your Supplier Management

EZ Cloud AP Automation allows you with better vendor management, including contact information, and purchase order history. This enables you to have an end-to-end view of your financial process and improve communication and collaboration with your vendors.


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How EZ Cloud Works

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Remove tedious and manual invoice uploading, keying, matching, processing, and approvals with touchless invoice processing.

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Using customized approval workflows, you’ll always have full visibility into the invoice journey.

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EZ Cloud is payment agnostic. Leverage the features of your current ERP, all while maintaining the way payments are currently made. Worry less about hiccups, learning curves, or payment disruption.

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Reporting and Analytics Benefits:


Centralized database

Our solution provides a centralized database within the cloud for all your supplier information, allowing you to easily access and manage data.


Communication and collaboration

EZ Cloud allows you to communicate and collaborate with your vendors through a secure supplier portal platform, improving communication and collaboration.


Reporting and analytics

EZ Cloud can generate detailed reports and analytics on supplier performance, allowing you to track performance and identify bottlenecks.

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Approval Workflows

Our solution can also automate the process of routing invoices for approval, reducing the time it takes to and ensuring compliance with internal policies and procedures.


“With data and analytics on supplier performance, you and your AP team are empowered to make data-driven decisions and improve the performance of your supplier relationships with accounts payable vendor management.” 




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