Why EZ Cloud?

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Are you considering an AP automation software? Learn why our technology and customer-centric approach set us apart.

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1. Built with our customers in mind

At its core, EZ Cloud was designed and built by leading Oracle AP automation experts who saw a gap in the market. For customers processing over 2000 invoices per month, CEO Andrew Blackman realized that on-premise automated AP approval software were expensive, lacked features, required extensive ongoing support, and could not offer the same capabilities as a cloud-based AP processing software. To add to that, customers were not interested in changing the way they made payments, so we created a payment-agnostic solution.

  1. Not only was EZ Cloud developed with customers in mind, but we continually develop our automated AP approval software solution for current customer needs. In May 2022, we rolled out a brand-new user interface for the EZ Cloud application. It’s user-friendly, clean, and “EZ” to use!
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2. Our Technical Expertise is Unrivaled

For the past two years, our 35-person technical team’s focus has been to build, evaluate, test, and implement ideas to enhance our customers’ overall experience. We always strive to offer the highest quality AP approval solution, and to do so, our technology is supported by an innovative team that loves the tech.

EZ Cloud leverages the latest AI, machine learning, and cloud technologies, offering our customers the latest, best-in-class automated AP approval software. Because of this, we’re able to offer our customers a feature-rich solution that also includes enterprise-grade security, reliability, and unlimited cloud storage capabilities.

  1. Many companies choose AP automation because manual invoice processing is tedious and error-prone. To resolve this, our technical team developed a patent-pending data extraction process that extracts over 90% of invoice data. Compared to leading automated AP processing software, their data extraction rates have been quoted to range from 40-70%, a significant and noticeable difference!
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3. Rapid implementation using your custom requirements

EZ Cloud can be added to your tech stack within a month. It’s secure, integrates with any ERP, and works with your custom requirements. For customers, EZ Cloud’s implementation times average approximately 3 weeks for an organization with specific requirements. For others, it could take as little as a week, or up to six weeks. Once EZ Cloud is deployed, you’ll find immediate ROI and relief.

  1. Customers have been able to reduce their backlogs by 50% within the first week of use!


4. Communication is #1 for us

An important part of EZ Cloud is how we communicate. EZ Cloud not only offers in-app features such as the communications channel and supplier portal, but our whole team takes communication to heart when doing our jobs. That’s why your dedicated team is just a phone call or email away.

With every interaction, we want to exceed your expectations. The EZ Cloud team wants the best for our customers, so we’re as hands-on as you like. You may even be surprised to find our CEO hopping onto an onboarding call! Whether you’re talking to one of our account executives or learning how to EZ Cloud from our customer success team, we pride ourselves on making sure you have the best experience, and communication is at the forefront.

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5. Happy Customers = Success

The EZ Cloud team wants you to have a great experience, and we take what you have to say to heart. Do you feel like you need more onboarding support? Sure! We go above and beyond to support your team in feeling comfortable working with and using EZ Cloud automated AP approval software .

With that, our customer success team offers check-ins and ongoing support to make sure you and your team are happy. We also collect your feedback, whether positive or negative, and incorporate it into our enhancements. How you use EZ Cloud, what new features would help you, what you like or dislike, it’s all valuable!

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What makes EZ Cloud’s AP automation software better?

We make customizable invoice processing automation a reality. Uploading, approving, and tracking invoices is effortless and done real-time. Start diving into business process automation and always be in control of your data. 

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