About Us

EZ Cloud is an innovative automated accounts payable platform specifically designed an easy-to-use way to streamline your AP process. With patent-pending ML technology based around the ways in which our automated system takes data from an invoice image and processes it for your organization, our goal is to bring automated accounts payable processing to modern businesses.

For faster approvals, for instant access, and for comprehensive and automated invoice management, EZ Cloud answers the call.

Our Values


At the very core of what we do is collaboration, communication, and teamwork. Our diverse team of professionals work together towards a common goal of making EZ Cloud the very best solution it can be.


Our team puts everything that we have into our work. We’re as passionate as they come, and with every new feature or function, we strive to make EZ Cloud a game changer for businesses.

Honest Communication

We stand by the work that we do, and our word is our bond. When we communicate with clients, we are always transparent regarding the ways in which our system works to keep data protected and your organization secure.


We work each and every day to innovate, create, and ideate accounts payable cloud-based solutions that allow for flexibility, control, while also maximizing cost-savings.

The People At EZ Cloud

For us, nothing is more important than ensuring that everyone not only gets a seat at the table, but has equal opportunity to speak, share, and set the agenda. At EZ Cloud, we’re a diverse team of professionals who collaborate to support organizational needs.

Careers at EZ Cloud

Diversity & Inclusion

At EZ Cloud, we understand how diversity drives innovation. As a diverse team of professionals from different backgrounds, each of us brings something unique, whether it be our skills, passions, or expertise. We value diversity and inclusion, and we continually strive to support and maintain a culture of inclusivity and respect.

Social & Environmental Responsibility

The world that we know and love is changing faster with the passing of each and every day. With that in mind, our team is committed to the social and environmental wellbeing of our world. Through various initiatives, we work to support social equity and environmental consciousness all around the globe. We bring a global mindset to a global community, and our team is committed to our mission for social and environmental responsibility.

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