Accounts Payable Automation Department Benefits

Our accounts payable automation benefits accounts payable professionals with integral roles to complete required tasks while saving time, lowering costs, and improving efficiency within their workplaces.

EZ Cloud is the time-saving solution to all your account payable-related tasks, easy enough to integrate into daily operations with access to a convenient dashboard that simplifies workflow. From AP teams to Management, Controllers to CFOs, our solution solves internal invoicing issues while creating a better experience for team members working to develop an organized structure for the accounts payable process.

A Solution Built Around Your Team’s Priorities

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Handling accounting records is one of the many responsibilities of the AP team, who carefully reviews all transactions on each monthly statement to ensure accuracy and check for fraud, duplication, and other errors. While such a role is crucial to the overall success of any business, many of the tasks involved are tedious and time-consuming, causing unnecessary frustration.

Some of the most common repetitive tasks include manually processing invoices, gathering the most crucial information from records, reaching out to vendors, and seeking approvals. When trying to complete all these things simultaneously, the workload can become stressful, increasing the possibility of making unintentional mistakes and not spotting duplicate invoices that would need to be removed.

Unfortunately, these errors can cost a company thousands of dollars each year. EZ Cloud’s automated accounts payable software handles many of those daunting repetitive tasks for AP teams, freeing up a lot of time and allowing them to work on other significant financial-related functions for the sake of the business. In addition, because more of these tasks get taken care of via our automated system, it drastically reduces the possibility of error(s), ultimately saving companies more money throughout the year.

AP User Benefits

EZ Cloud accounts payable automation software benefits AP Managers’ by making their daily responsibilities more manageable and less stressful through our automated system that simplifies collecting, reviewing, and paying out invoices to various vendors while keeping track of everything in detailed, updated records for the company’s owner to review.

AP Managers highly benefit from our cutting-edge cloud accounting solution. Access to the latest technology enhances accounts payable processing tasks, making these duties simple, straightforward, and easier to handle. Instead of learning new techniques to save time and energy while cutting costs, relying on EZ Cloud provides the traceability and transparency they want and need to have when working on invoices.

Using our Capture, Authorize, Pay structure, AP managers can boost productivity rates, complete more tasks in less time, and ensure the accuracy of all invoices without concerns over human error. They can also use their dashboards to access all documents and valuable information needed to collaborate cohesively with team members to manage invoices while making the best decisions.

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AP Manager User Benefits

Financial controllers must manage the company account to provide the most up-to-date records of incoming earnings based on invoices received and money sent out to different vendors. Providing the most accurate financial statements is a top priority, and financial controllers can seamlessly integrate EZ Cloud into their daily processes to improve efficiency, reduce the risk of error, and offer the most precise records to company owners. Accurate and in-depth reporting leads to a more significant profit with less money wasted while allowing businesses to see where their money is going.

EZ Cloud’s accounts payable automation benefits integrative dashboard streamlines the accounts payable process. It provides greater insight into future earnings for the company, allowing businesses to make wiser financial decisions based on the findings within each detailed report. Our automated solution reduces the amount of time spent handling dozens of vendor invoices, creates a speedy process that takes little to no time to complete, allows for better collaboration between financial controllers and CFOs, and frees up time while producing better results.

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CFOs have the vital task of overseeing a company’s finance while paying close attention to the money that comes in and gets paid out from invoices. With our innovative system designed to automate the lengthy accounts payable process, CFOs can rely on AI and machine learning to improve accuracy while providing greater visibility over finances with access to elaborate reports. As a result, CFOs can efficiently complete audits, access different financial records, review hundreds of invoices each day, and maintain better relationships with vendors using EZ Cloud’s simplified, transparent process.

Our AP automation benefits CFOs by streamlining the process of handling hundreds of invoices each day while enjoying a stress-free experience. With greater visibility of financial information, including the company’s cash flow, CFOs can make well-informed decisions to benefit the business even further.

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EZ Cloud’s accounts payable solution is easy to integrate into daily operations for professionals interested in increasing efficiency and improving cash flow while eliminating human error. As a cloud-based AP automation solution, our innovative solution pairs perfectly with Oracle ERPs, including Oracle Cloud, Oracle NetSuite, and Oracle PeopleSoft, to name a few.

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The Accounts Payable Automated Solution That Your Business Needs

When multiple people are handling critical accounts payable roles, confusion and human error can occur, causing costly problems for businesses of all sizes, big and small. At EZ Cloud, we’ve designed an automated system that simplifies this process and allows you to connect employees on the same platform to improve collaborative efforts while developing an organized invoice structure that prevents wasted time and money.

Lower the risk of errors and fraud while creating a digital trail that makes it easier to perform internal audits when necessary. Avoid those tedious manual entry tasks and free up more time to handle other vital tasks using our advanced AP automation software. Our modernized process allows you to focus more on growing your business while spending less time dealing with monotonous work that takes hours at a time to complete.

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