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EZ Cloud helps mid-market and enterprise organizations automate manual processes, digitize complex invoice approval workflows, and unlock real-time insights with all in one cloud-based AP automation software platform.

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Enterprises around the world experience immediate results
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25% reduction in reconciliation efforts
Over 90% reduction in manual invoicing tasks
4x faster month-close
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AP Automation Software benefits throughout the invoice lifecycle

Touchless Invoice Entry &
Accurate Reconciling

The process of invoice processing can be a tedious and time-consuming task for many businesses. Manual data entry, invoice matching, and approvals can lead to errors and delays, which can impact a company's cash flow and supplier relationships. EZ Cloud offers the best accounts payable automation solutions that streamlines the invoice processing process.

Faster approvals

Manual AP processes can be slow and inefficient, leading to delays in payments and other AP activities. Our platform streamlines the AP process by automating workflows, reducing processing time, and improving efficiency. This means that AP staff can process more invoices in less time, improving cash flow and supplier relationships.

Real-time visibility

Our cloud based AP Automation platform provides real-time visibility into the AP process, allowing AP staff to quickly identify and resolve any issues. Real-time reporting and analytics tools provide insights into AP performance, allowing AP staff to make data-driven decisions and optimize their processes.

Easier audits

Our cloud based Accounts Payable Automation software is designed to meet industry standards and comply with relevant regulations, reducing the risk of compliance issues. Our platform provides detailed audit trails of all AP activity, ensuring that businesses can provide evidence of compliance in the event of an audit or review.

ERP Integrations

And integrates with tools you already own

Streamline your accounts payable software processes, reduce manual efforts, and gain unparalleled insights into your financial data. Our AP Automation software solutions seamlessly integrate with major ERP systems, including  Oracle, Workday, Yardi, SAP, and more, unlocking efficiency and accuracy in your financial workflows. Embrace a new era of financial management with our cloud based AP Automation solutions, tailored to your unique business needs.

Oracle Cloud ERP
Oracle JD Edwards
Oracle EBS
Microsoft Dynamics
Sage 50
Oracle PeopleSoft

Feature-rich and enterprise-ready

EZ Cloud AP automation solutions offer extensible features that support all stages of the P2P process.

Invoice Processing

Our Account Payable Automation software handles the processing of invoices, including data extraction, invoice matching, and complex approval workflows.

Automated workflows

Account Payable workflows are streamlined by automating manual processes, such as routing invoices for approval and sending reminders.

Reporting & analytics

Access real-time visibility into Accounts Payable processes and generates reports that help identify inefficiencies and optimize workflows.

ERP integrations

The Accounts Payable Automation software integrates with other business systems, such as ERP and accounting software, to streamline data transfer and reduce errors.

Security and compliance

We ensure the security of sensitive financial information, including data encryption, user authentication, and compliance with industry standards.


Easily meet the specific needs of your AP & Finance requirements, including customization of workflows, data fields, and user roles.


Our key differentiators

EZ Cloud stands out from its competitors through its advanced technology and dedicated hypercare support.  Our proprietary technology ensures maximum performance, security, and scalability for its customers.

In addition, EZ Cloud's Accounts Payable Software hypercare support provides round-the-clock support and guidance to customers, ensuring that they have the assistance they need when they need it.

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