Modernize and Streamline The Accounts Payable Process Using AP Automation

With EZ Cloud, you can automate your P2P process, replacing manual, tedious accounts payable tasks with a solution that both supports current processes and ensures complete visibility, accountability and control.

AP Automation for Mid-Market & Large Enterprises

What is EZ Cloud?

EZ Cloud offers a cloud-based accounts payable automation solution aimed at helping to increase efficiency, improve visibility, and streamline manual invoice processing within the accounts payable process. 

With our built-in dashboards, compliance policies, and on demand reporting capabilities, you can use EZ Cloud to automate workflows, reduce errors and delayed payments, satisfy regulatory requirements, and eliminate the risk of fraudulent transactions.


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Processes Simplified: Capture, Authorize, Pay

Powered by AI and machine learning, EZ Cloud works alongside your current ERP using a 3-part process: Capture, Authorize, & Pay.

Receive full transparency through customer and supplier portals, utilize integrated dashboards to make data-driven and cost saving decisions – all without changing the way your team currently makes payments.

How EZ Cloud Works

Benefits of Accounts Payable Automation

Automating your AP process can help streamline your entire operation. By automating repetitive and manual tasks, you can free up time and resources to focus on more important things.

Further, by incorporating EZ Cloud, see a 70-90% reduction in manual invoicing tasks, allowing for timely responses to reconcile accounts and address exceptions adequately. This relieves a significant burden on your AP team.

Automation can help improve the efficiency of your accounts payable process. By eliminating errors and inefficiencies, you can improve your bottom line.

Automating your accounts payable process can help improve the accuracy of your departmental processes. By reducing the potential for human error, you can ensure that your payments are made on time and accurately.

Our invoice metadata extraction rate is over 90%, with 99.5% accuracy. EZ Cloud users see up to a 90% reduction in manual invoicing tasks.

Stay current using automated real-time updates, tracking, and customizable dashboards. Using EZ Cloud, you’ll always have full visibility into the invoice journey, ensuring clarity and accessibility.

Automating your accounts payable process can help improve your cash flow. By digitizing manual tasks, you can reduce the time it takes to process payments as well as reduce the costs associated with manual processing. By eliminating errors and inefficiencies, these can lead to improved cash flow and working capital management.

Automating your accounts payable process can help enhance the security of your data. By storing data in a secure, central cloud repository, you can protect it from loss or theft. Say goodbye to manual paper trails for good!

Automating AP can help improve compliance with government regulations. By automating the processing of invoices and payments, you can ensure that all transactions are properly documented and recorded.

Did you know that Optical Character Recognition (OCR) was developed over 100 years ago?! Using existing, machine learning, and AI-based technologies as well as cloud storage capabilities, our patent pending process continually offers an AP automation solution that is modern, secure, and works with your custom requirements.

AP automation built with your team in mind

AP Specialists

Automatically process invoices, ensuring accuracy, flagging duplicates and exceptions, & checking for fraud

AP Managers

With complete visibility and real-time reporting, EZ Cloud helps to streamline your AP process

Financial Controllers

Receive the real-time ability to mitigate bottlenecks and access reports that are ready and complete with invoice information


Lower operational costs, gain complete visibility, and enable your team using business automation

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“TekStream is excited about the solutions EZ Cloud provides to finance departments. By leveraging new cloud technologies, they have created a modernized AP Automation that is powerful, flexible, and affordable.”


Cam Coulson

Managing Director

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Integrates Beautifully with your ERP System

EZ Cloud’s flexible solution seamlessly works with any ERP. With EZ Cloud, your invoice-based data can be easily reconciled with your ERP environment.

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