Modernize and Streamline Your Accounts Payable Process

    EZ Cloud AP Automation software helps mid-market and enterprise organizations automate manual processes, digitize complex

invoice approval workflows, and unlock real-time insights – all in one cloud based AP automation platform. 


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The slow, manual days of processing invoices and chasing approvals are over.

EZ Cloud is a modern and powerful cloud based accounts payable automation software to automate processes and speed up approvals and payments.

With EZ Cloud AP Automation, you and your team can gain full transparency through customer and supplier portals and leverage dashboards to make data-driven and cost saving decisions – all without changing the way your team currently makes payments.

How EZ Cloud Works
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EZ Cloud seamlessly integrates with all enterprise-grade ERPs, including Oracle, Workday, & SAP

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Automation benefits throughout the invoice lifecycle


Touchless Invoice Entry & Accurate Reconciling

Eliminate the need for manual entry, decrease the likelihood of duplicate entry, and reduce GL coding errors.


Faster Approvals using In-App Communications

Customizable AP approval workflows, in-app communications channels, and notifications give you more visibility and control, streamlining the approvals process.


Timely Payments,

Get payments out on time while gaining a bird’s eye view of what needs to be paid and when.


Cloud Document Storage Capabilities

With cloud storage and an audit trail within each invoice, every invoice is searchable and secure.

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Meet EZ Cloud

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Remove tedious and manual invoice uploading, keying, matching, processing, and approving with touchless invoice processing.

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Using customized approval workflows, you’ll always have full visibility into the invoice journey.

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EZ Cloud is payment agnostic. Leverage the features of your current ERP, all while maintaining the way payments are currently made. Worry less about hiccups, learning curves, or payment disruption.

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Hey AP Pros 

Are you exhausted from manual line level PO & invoice matching?

If you and your team are still doing data entry in Excel, we get your pain. Automating manual processes to ensure accuracy and centralizing collaboration efforts are integral to EZ Cloud. With our AP Automation Software, We make sure you’re able to get all the right approvals and make sure it’s going to the right place, making sure your work is optimized and supported. 


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Hi Controllers 

Is month-end reporting taking two to three weeks to complete because of current processes?

We built an accounts payable automation software so you have the real-time ability to mitigate bottlenecks and access reports that are ready and complete with invoice information. 


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Hello Finance leaders 

Have you been unable to accurately forecast due to lack of visibility or reporting delays?  

Transparency is critical to us. We have a cloud ap automation solution that helps you develop a deeper understanding of what’s happening in real-time. With user-specific dashboards and metrics, it’s easy to pop into EZ Cloud to see full insights and access reports with accurate, updated data.

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We’ve helped teams just like yours enhance their tech stack and automate their AP process

AP and Finance teams often experience frustration around manual data entry, delayed approvals, and lack of visibility.  Our account payable automated platform digitizes these processes and provides leadership with the tools they need to make better informed financial decisions. 

Founded in 2019,  EZ Cloud is a cloud-based AP automation solution that leverages the latest AI and machine-learning technologies to offer AP and finance teams greater visibility, accountability, and control over their Accounts Payable process. 

Our modern and secure automated AP software offers a high level of touchless invoice processing and brings communications, invoice data, and real-time insights to one easy-to-use platform.

With built-in dashboards, compliance policies, and on demand reporting capabilities, you can use EZ Cloud to automate ap approval workflows, reduce errors and delayed payments, satisfy regulatory requirements, and eliminate the risk of fraudulent transactions

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We maintain enterprise-ready compliance and security standards

Our commitment to protecting your organization’s data is reflected in our SOC 2 certification and ongoing vulnerability scans. We prioritize security and regularly attend training to stay at the forefront of privacy and compliance best practices. SOC 2 ensures:

  1. Strong controls are in place to secure sensitive information and prevent data breaches.
  2. Robust security infrastructure = peace of mind to customers.
  3. Streamlined business operations and reduction of the risk of security incidents.
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And have been recognized as one of the top AP solution providers in 2022

EZ Cloud was recognized as one of the top 10 AP automation software solutions providers in 2022 by CFO Tech Outlook.

Our users take control of their automated AP process using the secure and comprehensive cloud-based accounts payable solutions to digitize and automate over 90 percent of manual data entry while tackling the challenges of delayed approvals, payments and the lack of transparency linked to traditional processes.

In the Spotlight

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Ready to learn more? Here’s our process.

  1. First, we set up a discovery call to learn about your needs to determine if there would be a mutual fit.

  2. Next, you’ll see a customized demo.

  3. Finally, we work with you closely to make implementation & onboarding a success.

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