EZ Cloud – AP Automation Process

Using EZ Cloud to support your department’s efforts, leverage automation technology and optimize each phase of the invoice journey according to specific workflow and user needs.

With EZ Cloud AP automation software, switch from manual, paper-based processes to AP automation process. while leveraging your ERP investment. Upload, approve, and submit invoices for payment with ease, while reducing the risk of errors and fraudulent transactions, automating workflows, improving compliance, and maximizing visibility.

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What is EZ Cloud AP Automation Process?

With EZ Cloud Accounts Payable automation solution, transform manual, paper-based processes while leveraging your ERP investment. Upload, approve, and submit invoices for payment with ease, while reducing the risk of errors and fraudulent transactions, automating workflows, improving compliance, and maximizing visibility.

EZ Cloud automates your P2P process, linking our AP automation solution with your ERP. From Invoice Capture and Processing, to Payment confirmation…

Here’s How It Works 

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Login to your portal

Once user permissions are set, you can log into your portal using EZ Cloud’s web or mobile application.

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Upload the invoice

First, you must decide how to import an invoice. EZ Cloud’s Accounts Payable automation solution offers robust options to do so, including:

  1. Email
  2. Drag & Drop Upload
  3. Scan
  4. Taking a Photo
  5. Supplier Portal Submission

Using a live integration with your ERP, invoice data can be captured at a rate of between 30 seconds and three minutes per invoice. Users can upload, submit, and access invoices through the EZ Cloud web and mobile app at any time.


Resolve any exceptions

Need to resolve exceptions with a supplier or team member? No problem! Easily notify another EZ Cloud user by starting a chat via the integrated communications channel, a chat feature configured within each invoice, and they will receive immediate notification.

Interested in seeing the communications channel in action?

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Submit for Approval

Using your preset automated workflows, route invoices for approval with complete ease! Track invoice approvals using dashboards and real-time analytics, creating greater visibility and more productivity with fewer hands-on requirements.


Approve for payment

EZ Cloud is payment agnostic, meaning that payments will continue to be paid the way they are currently.

However, by syncing with your ERP, EZ Cloud is notified once payments have been posted, and invoice statuses will be automatically updated. With this feature, users can track the invoice journey, gain quick and accurate insight using the dashboards feature, offering the ability for full invoice management.


EZ Cloud’s AP automation Process uses a three-part methodology: Capture, Authorize, & Pay

EZ Cloud’s AP Automation capture process helps to remove tedious and manual invoice uploading, keying, matching, processing, and approving.

  1. Invoice digitalization
  2. AI and ML-powered Capture
  3. Duplicate Invoice Prevention
  4. Multi-language and Multi-Currency Support
  5. Automated 2- and 3-way PO matching
  6. Manual process replacement
  7. Cloud-based storage
  8. Auditability

    By following an AP automation process, You’ll always have full visibility into the invoice journey and access to real-time data and reporting, giving you the transparency and traceability that has been lacking.

    Users can:
  1. Assign single or multiple approvers for invoice processing
  2. Set approval thresholds
  3. Approve invoices
  4. Create priority payment approvals
  5. Use audit trail features
  6. View progress using integrative dashboard

EZ Cloud is payment agnostic. Leverage the features of your current ERP, all while maintaining the way payments are currently made.

Worry less about hiccups, learning curves, or payment disruption.

Integrates Beautifully with your ERP System

EZ Cloud’s flexible accounts payable automation solution seamlessly works with any ERP. With EZ Cloud, your invoice-based data can be easily reconciled with your ERP environment.

ERP Integrations
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Additional Features

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all! EZ Cloud AP Automation platform leverages your ERP investment and allows for seamless integration between the two systems.

As a Cloud-based AP automation solution, you can access EZ Cloud from anywhere, on any device, at any time of day.

The EZ Cloud dashboard is often one of the most talked about aspects of the entire platform! The dashboard makes it easy to track the entire journey of supplier invoices on a single screen, through a single portal. From there, you can view comments and invoice approvals as they occur in real-time, all visible and ready for you to review.

Because we designed EZ Cloud with mid market and enterprise organizations in mind, you can seamlessly integrate EZ Cloud with any ERP. Enjoy a convenient experience with simple integration.

We designed EZ Cloud accounts payable automation system with a focus on easy, remote implementation to get your process up and running quickly. On average, most of our clients requiring customizations can be up and running within three weeks.

Of course! With each business we work with, we offer inclusive customer service support to our customers and their suppliers. No matter the question, we are always here to help.

That will depend on how you want to structure your portal. As the administrator, customers have complete control over who is able to access the EZ Cloud portal. Other users could include AP users, AP Management with comprehensive CFO views, and even suppliers.

Customers have the power to set and manage who is authorized to approve invoices through EZ Cloud for complete control.

Suppliers can upload invoices and view their own invoice approvals through the EZ Cloud supplier portal or mobile app. The portal offers similar features to the subscriber portal and can also be used as a way to centralize supplier communication.
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