Improve Visibility, Accountability, & Control

Are you looking for a solution that creates efficiencies, mitigates risk, and keeps costs under control?

EZ Cloud offers a solution that scales with your growing organization, while also offering complete visibility. With reporting dashboards and real-time analytics, have full access and insight into the entire P2P process.

Built with CFOs in mind

CFOs have the vital task of overseeing a company’s finance while paying close attention to the money that comes in and gets paid out from invoices. With our innovative system designed to automate the lengthy accounts payable process, CFOs can rely on AI and machine learning to improve accuracy while providing greater visibility over finances with access to elaborate reporting and metrics.

With EZ Cloud, you have the ability to make better, more informed business decisions based upon real-time data. In addition, receive full insights throughout the entire P2P process to drive cost savings and forecast with confidence.

CFOs can efficiently complete audits, access different financial records, review hundreds of invoices each day, and maintain better relationships with vendors using EZ Cloud’s simplified, transparent process.

Automate AP processes while using your ERP as your system of record. In addition, using EZ Cloud’s cloud storage capabilities, invoices are easily stored, accessible, and auditable.

Introduce EZ Cloud as a solution that not only innovates but also supports your organization’s demand for growth and ability to scale. Without the constraints of an on-premise solution, your team has full access to cloud automation.

AP automation can increase the efficiency of your company’s AP process, making it easier and faster to get invoices paid. EZ Cloud can also improve your company’s cash flow by speeding up the payment of invoices. Streamline business processes that support growth with ease.

AP automation can provide important data and insights that can help you make better financial decisions for your company. CFOs can easily connect EZ Cloud and their ERP system to streamline your accounts payable department’s process of handling hundreds of invoices each day while enjoying a stress-free experience. With greater visibility of financial information, including the company’s cash flow, CFOs can make well-informed decisions to benefit the business even further.
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In EZ Cloud’s Talking Heads series, CEO Andrew Blackman discusses the implications of manual invoice processing for Financial Controllers and CFOs, including:

  1. Lack of visibility
  2. Backlogs
  3. Temporary staffing
  4. Inaccuracies with manual data entry
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“We were assisted in the design sessions with PGCPS Accounts Payable team to discuss how an Oracle automated accounts payable environment would provide value and accelerate the procure-to-pay process. Andrew [Blackman] and EZ Cloud’s honesty, professionalism and patience make them an asset to any organization.”


Youssef A.

Former CIO, Prince George County Public Schools

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