Accounts payable is a historically manual and time-consuming process that includes certain variables (i.e. approvals, human error, etc.) that may contribute delays along the way. While other aspects of business have been made more efficient through the use of automation, often, accounts payable departments have still had to rely on manual processes. However, leadership is seeing a greater need to keep up with the times and transition to AP automation. An organization having visibility into accounts payable via an automated system is incredibly helpful for promoting growth and development.

Below are some benefits of instituting accounts payable automation with EZ Cloud:

  1. Faster Approvals

Switching to an automated accounts payable solution ensures timely payment of invoices by routing invoices digitally and routing them for authorization based on department’s requirements. Operating in this capacity will enable companies to avoid late-payment penalties, strained relationships with suppliers, and disruptions in the supply chain.

  1. Fewer Manual Obligations

Say goodbye to manual processes that require waiting for in-person signatures! Since EZ Cloud offer an extraction process that ensures fewer mistakes, it is much faster and much easier to correct any errors and leave fewer manual tasks for your team.

  1. Real-time Metrics

Technology-based solutions also allow for real-time digital insights into the metrics that leadership needs to monitor progress and updates. By automating the accounts payable process, organizations can better track their growth and data input by using the EZ Cloud dashboard.

  1. Easy Implementation

EZ Cloud integrates alongside your existing Oracle ERP system, and the only difference is that now, these systems will be digitized and automated. Once manual processes are left behind, your accounts payable department will quickly thank you!

Automating accounts payable is a step in the right direction for organizations that are looking to continue to grow while saving money, even after the pandemic. Contact us today to learn more about how EZ Cloud can support your organization.