Yardi Systems

AP Automation for Yardi Systems

Effectively manage invoices and payables processes by combining Yardi Systems with EZ Cloud’s AP automation solution to sync invoice coding and data, all while utilizing intuitive invoice processing, advanced technologies, and integrated communications and real-time analytics. 

Using EZ Cloud’s offline integration, boost your Yardi investment without needing to change current systems in place or the way payments are made. 

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Maximize ERP Use

Optimize Accounts Payable Automation using Yardi as your system of record.

Digital Transformation

Backlogs can be reduced by over 50% within the first week of implementation.

Improved Communication

With the integrated comms channel, gain faster approvals, greater transparency, & better accountability.

Cloud Technology

Processes can be completed from anywhere 24/7 & are streamlined using machine learning & patent-pending cloud-native technologies.

Adaptable For Your AP Needs

EZ Cloud automates accounts payable processes without changing the way you currently manage your ERP.

EZ Cloud improves AP processes & offers:

  1. Automated invoice processing and capture
  2. Flexible approval workflows
  3. Oracle Cloud storage capabilities
  4. And much more

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