When making the decision to switch to an automated accounts payable solution such as EZ Cloud, it is essential to ensure that the new processes are compatible with the way your suppliers would like to receive updates. Supplier transparency can be controlled by organizations, which often creates a greater need for consistent, updated communication.  

Below include just a few reasons why suppliers would benefit from organizations switching to EZ Cloud AP automation: 

  1. Supplier Portal

AP automation systems will typically have a portal that is exclusively meant for suppliers to have complete insight. By implementing a digital strategy, suppliers will be able to track invoices, transactions, conversations, etc., just like you can on your end. Through a digitized system, you offer them direct visibility into the process, and this will improve your communication with suppliers and vendors moving forward. 

  1. Supplier Communication

 Accounts Payable automation offers better, more centralized, tracked communication with your suppliers. Having a system in place for you to communicate properly and keep track of communications in a digitized portal leaves less room for error and miscommunication. Supplier communication is a critical aspect of a business, and it will help you improve your relationship with suppliers and vendors. 

  1. Transparency

Suppliers want to have streamlined conversations, and they want more transparency into your business practices to ensure that you are both on the same page when doing business. Offering clarity and insight to your suppliers will build trust and establish a better working relationship. Accounts payable is an essential aspect of both your business and theirs, and transparency between your business and the suppliers will enable a better working relationship and ultimately improve your business.

  1. Supplier Enablement

Supplier enablement services will allow you to increase the number of suppliers in your system and lead to an increase in the benefits you can receive. Through an automated accounts payable system, you will be better able to offer this insight to all of your suppliers, which will build your reputation and make more suppliers want to work with you.

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