Cost-Effective, Modern Automation for the Public Sector

EZ Cloud’s accounts payable automation solution is easy to deploy, manage, and scale. With secure and reliable automated invoice processing, even in hybrid-friendly work environments, government agencies and nonprofits alike can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance internal collaboration.

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Create Efficiences with AP Automation

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Solutions for Government and Nonprofits


Secure and Reliable

EZ Cloud offers end-to-end encryption combined with enterprise-class reliability. As a cloud-based solution, expect the same security and reliability no matter where EZ Cloud is accessed.


Enhanced Collaboration Features

Collaborate with colleagues and suppliers by using the integrated communications channel, supplier portal, and reporting dashboards.


Complete Visibility

With EZ Cloud, users can easily find and mitigate bottlenecks while owning the entire end-to-end P2P process with ease. Follow the invoice journey from data capture, to user communications, to real-time reporting and analytics.


Approval Cycle Workflow

As a fully customizable solution, EZ Cloud can be built around your workflow approval needs.

Manual processing seems cheaper, but is it really?

When navigating restrictive budgets, an option to limit up-front costs would be to just ‘do it yourself’.

However, when factoring in hidden costs, including wasted time, data entry errors, fraud, or missed early pay discounts, automating AP processes with EZ Cloud is always the better option.

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Is your organization’s invoice backlog straining supplier relationships or budgets?

EZ Cloud can help.