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Oracle-certified PeopleSoft integration that enhances existing processes.

Navigating the financial complexities of today's market demands a system that's not just robust but also agile and user-friendly. Oracle PeopleSoft redefines financial efficiency with its state-of-the-art Financial Management solutions, offering unparalleled depth and breadth in capabilities. However, there are opportunities to streamline your accounts payable process and improve efficiency through modernization. That's where EZ Cloud comes in.

Goodbye bottlenecks, goodbye headaches.

With EZ Cloud's Accounts Payable solution, automate your invoice processing, tailor your workflows to suit your business rules, and benefit from real-time reporting for a comprehensive view of your financial health. You gain a partner who offers:

Custom-fit integration

Our solution molds to your business requirements, ensuring they enhance your workflows rather than disrupt them.

Expedite monthly close

With touchless invoice processing, save hours every month with ease and accuracy. Experience no backlog, no delay, and more bandwidth to do other things.

Strengthen supply-chain resiliency

Your suppliers can choose to submit their invoices following existing protocol, optimize early pay discount opportunities, or use our supplier portal, and you can continue to process them with EZ Cloud.

Accelerators to provide speed to value

Our extensive experience has allowed us to develop numerous accelerators, which we leverage to provide you with increased confidence and efficiency.

Guarantee successful implementation and user adoption.

To guarantee a successful integration of EZ Cloud’s AP Automation with Oracle PeopleSoft, it's vital to consider several key factors. Initially, understanding your specific needs and demonstrating how EZ Cloud stands out in terms of value and functionality is essential. Ensuring a seamless and real-time connection with PeopleSoft is critical, as is conducting parallel testing to avoid unexpected issues at the launch. The integration process is designed to minimize operational disruption, ensuring that your core ERP functions remain unaffected. Comprehensive support is a cornerstone of the integration, with 24/7 assistance available during the early stages post-implementation to address any concerns swiftly. A flexible deployment strategy, potentially phased or modular, allows for a gradual transition to the new system, making the changeover manageable and less daunting. Furthermore, the commitment to ongoing support and a feedback mechanism ensures that you have continual assistance and the opportunity to refine your solution to better suit your evolving business requirements.

Smooth, straightforward, and strategically aligned with what's best for your business.

Reliability and support

Designed specifically for seamless integration with Oracle PeopleSoft ERP, ensuring zero disruptions during your go-live.

Experience a curated approach

With advanced features, robust performance, and superior user experience in mind, you can experience a seamless, customer-specific experience that is tailored to organizational need.

AI-driven insights

Using the latest AI and ML technologies, your organization can benefit from reduced manual intervention, modernization, and better user experiences.

Security and compliance

For many organizations, especially in regulated industries, ensuring that financial data is secure is paramount. EZ Cloud is SOC 2 Type II and offers advanced security features and compliance assurances.

Future-Proof Your AP

Benefit from scalability, regular updates, and the future-oriented nature of our solution ensures your AP processes remain state-of-the-art and ahead of the curve.

Trusted by Leading Enterprises

Join a growing list of global companies who've chosen our solution for unparalleled AP automation.

Oracle experts at your service.

Choosing EZ Cloud, backed by Oracle, signifies a commitment to quality, reliability, and seamless integration. Our team has over 20 years of experience working with AP automation and Oracle ERPs, and the adoption of EZ Cloud's AP solution guarantees smoother transitions, reduced disruptions, and a cohesive system environment. In addition, our understanding that every organization has their own unique requirements, our solution is fully customizable to your specific needs.

Oracle's reputation for innovation and cutting-edge technology cascades down EZ Cloud. Your organization can anticipate that an Oracle-partnered AP solution will regularly benefit from the latest advancements, features, and best practices, ensuring that AP operations remain state-of-the-art.

Frequently asked questions

What is PeopleSoft ERP software?

PeopleSoft is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software suite designed to assist large corporations with a comprehensive range of business functions, including human resources management, financials, supply chain management, and customer relationship management. The suite allows businesses to automate, streamline, and control their processes in these areas.

What is Oracle PeopleSoft used for?

Oracle PeopleSoft is used for managing various back-office functions that are critical to the running of a company. The applications within PeopleSoft are used to handle complex business processes in areas like:
Human Capital Management (HCM): For managing employee data, payroll, benefits, talent acquisition, learning, and development.
Financial Management: To manage accounting, billing, revenue recognition, financial reporting, and treasury functions.
Supplier Relationship Management: Helps manage vendor relationships, procurement processes, and supply chain planning.
Enterprise Service Automation: For managing projects, professional services automation, and portfolio management.
Supply Chain Management: To optimize manufacturing processes, inventory, order management, and demand planning.

What types of data and processes can be synchronized between Oracle PeopleSoft and EZ Cloud?

The types of data and processes that are synchronized between an AP automation solution like EZ Cloud and an ERP system like Oracle PeopleSoft include:
Vendor information and credentials.
Purchase orders, receipts, and invoices.
Payment data and processing information.
Approval workflows and status updates.
Financial and accounting data for real-time reporting.

How does EZ Cloud AP Automation enhance Oracle PeopleSoft Cloud ERP functionality?

EZ Cloud AP Automation can enhance Oracle PeopleSoft Cloud ERP functionality by:
Streamlining the accounts payable workflow with automation, reducing manual tasks and accelerating the invoice-to-pay process.
Implementing advanced matching algorithms to reduce errors and ensure that invoices, purchase orders, and receipts are properly reconciled.
Providing better visibility and tracking of the invoice approval process.
Offering real-time analytics and reporting capabilities to aid in strategic decision-making.

How can EZ Cloud enhance invoice processing and accounts payable within Oracle PeopleSoft?

EZ Cloud can enhance invoice processing and accounts payable within Oracle PeopleSoft by:
Automating data entry with AI, ML, and OCR technology to capture and input invoice data into PeopleSoft, reducing manual effort and error rates.
Implementing electronic invoicing, which can minimize paper use and processing delays.
Providing a more robust approval workflow to ensure that invoices are reviewed by the appropriate personnel in a timely manner.
Enabling more efficient cash flow management with tools that help manage payment timing based on vendor terms and company financials.
Offering scalability to handle increasing invoice volumes without a proportional increase in accounting staff.

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