Are you interested in meeting the people behind EZ Cloud? Our team of talented individuals work every day to ensure that EZ Cloud is the best thing that’s happened to Accounts Payable, and we want you to meet the folks making it happen! 

This month’s feature is Shawn Hummer, our Solutions Engineer in Maryland. 

Hi Shawn, it’s great to start the series with you! Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at EZ Cloud? 

Hello! A bit about my role at EZ Cloud, I work heavily with the development team. Really, what my role is is to 1) develop and enhance the AP platform, and 2) enhance the product based upon customer feedback and what customers want to see. 

As one of the founding members, my role has transformed over time. Initially it was to help create and launch EZ Cloud, but now it’s about what our customers want and where our customers want to go with the platform. Also, since we’re a startup, I position myself as a knowledge base across the board – from helping with customer demos to onboarding training, to developing documentation about what our platform does well, all while ensuring that the solution is and remains secure at all times. 

How did you first learn about EZ Cloud? 

I’m actually a founding member of EZ Cloud. Originally I was working with [CEO] Andrew Blackman at Inspired ECM, and that organization worked heavily with ECM, AP automation, and more. Andrew had the idea for EZ Cloud for several years, and we really had a dream team to start creating our own product. 

Inspired ECM is where I got my first exposure to AP, and prior to that, I worked in data entry in the medical field. While AP and medical fields are different, pain points of manual processing remained similar. Across the IT and medical fields, I saw that customers were spending hundreds of thousands and more trying to automate processes, and because of existing technology on the market, they couldn’t fully do so. So we got to work on creating a cloud-based AP automation platform that is rapidly deployable, uses ML and AI technologies, and is easy to use. 

What type of challenges have you faced working at EZ Cloud?

While it’s not so hard coming up with ideas to improve the solution (and I have hundreds of them), interestingly, the most difficult part of the job is turning those ideas into something that’s usable from a customer perspective. 

Customers may have their ERP configured in a certain way, and it’s a matter of taking their data and integrating it in a meaningful way, that’s not just out of the box. I’ve been able to help solve these issues by building a technology that meets demand.  

What do you like most about your job? 

I like the problem solving part of the job. My strengths include utilizing my background in math and science to come up with innovative ideas that no one else does in the field of AP automation. 

Fun fact: Shawn is listed as one of our EZ Cloud inventors on our patent-pending solution!

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Visiting the Brighton, UK office

What has been your favorite memory at work? 

Getting together with the team. We get to travel and do fun events when we’re together. 

What about you? What do you like to do in your free time? What’s a fun fact about you that many people may not know?

This is tough, but I’m an amateur gardener and chef who likes to play video games and loves a good nerd fandom. I’m also into cars and have a classic Corvette.

Fun fact that people may not know: I like to order really obscure items on the menu at restaurants. 

Thanks Shawn!

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