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Forget the guesswork in AP automation costs. With EZ Cloud, experience a custom approach that aligns with your volume, complexity, and goals — all while keeping your budget in mind. Our solutions begin at the competitive rate of just $1 to $2 per invoice, providing an economical entry point to efficiency. And as your invoice volume goes up, the price per invoice goes down.

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Why We Customize Our Pricing

There are multiple considerations to be made when offering pricing to an enterprise organization. Below includes the primary factors we consider when pricing our solution.

Tailored to your organization.

Our AP automation is not one-size-fits-all. We provide a solution that fits the size, scale, and specific needs of your business. In addition, we offer region-specific pricing and reduced pricing for non-profit organizations.

Volume of invoices.

The number of invoices you process can impact the cost. More invoices may benefit from economies of scale.

Integration complexity.

The cost can vary depending on the complexity of your existing systems and the level of integration required.

Level of automation.

From EZ Cloud OOTB to a solution requiring cross-border payments, your automation level can influence the price.

A partner, not just a solution.

In addition to our feature-rich solution offering, you have a team of experts of your side to ensure not only a successful implementation but also ongoing support and guaranteed user adoption. Initially, understanding your specific needs and demonstrating how EZ Cloud stands out in terms of value and functionality is essential. Ensuring a seamless and real-time connection with your ERP is critical, as is conducting parallel testing to avoid unexpected issues at the launch. The integration process is designed to minimize operational disruption, ensuring that your core ERP functions remain unaffected. Comprehensive support is a cornerstone of the integration, with 24/7 assistance available during the early stages post-implementation to address any concerns swiftly. A flexible deployment strategy, potentially phased or modular, allows for a gradual transition to the new system, making the changeover manageable and less daunting. Furthermore, the commitment to ongoing support and a feedback mechanism ensures that you have continual assistance and the opportunity to refine your solution to better suit your evolving business requirements.

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