AP Automation

Here’s The Problem

Up to 70% of invoices still arrive via email or physical mail. This means that taking the time to manually process each and every invoice received can cause a detriment to productivity and create exposure to the potential impacts of human error.

EZ Cloud is here to take the paper out of your AP process through a three-part system:

Capture, Authorize, Pay



  • 1) Capture
  • 2) Authorize
  • 3) Pay

Automating your accounts payable processes is about maximizing productivity within your AP department.

What Is AP Automation?

AP Automation can:

  1. Align your employees on the same platform
  2. Improve digital invoice organization with easy retrieval and storage
  3. Simplify the approval process with a digital audit trail
  4. Minimize risk of fraud


Making the transition to EZ Cloud won’t just ensure that your accounts payable processes become more efficient, but it’ll also ensure that your business becomes more efficient too.

From time savings to cost savings, it’s time to make things simple with EZ Cloud, the future of automation.

Why Use AP Automation?

AP automation is designed to help you simplify, optimize, and modernize processes so your team can focus their efforts on more business-critical matters throughout the day. Transitioning away from manual entry allows for specific processes to be completed faster and more efficiently, while still making sure day-to-day operations are running smoothly.

We automate where possible, all while making everyone’s lives easier.

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